Threads of Love

Our ministry distributes prayer shawls and lap robes (short afghans) to the men and women in our parish who are shut-ins, hospitalized or have a serious illness, those who are in most need of our love, compassion and prayers.  These articles are blessed by Father Howard, and as a group we pray for the recipients, that they will experience the peace and healing power of God.  We also work on projects that support daily needs and comfort such as light quilts, neck scarves, neck pillows, wheelchair pillows and walker caddies.  We distribute items to those in our parish who have lost a spouse or a child.  Children who are hospitalized or undergoing treatments for various disorders also receive a gift, our love and prayers.  This is a parish wide ministry and can only be successful with your help.  If you know of any parishioner who is in need of prayers or support or can benefit from this ministry, we can provide a prayer shawl or lap robe for you to give them or we can make the delivery for you.  All information is kept confidential.  Please call Regina @ 724-457-3119 for more information or to volunteer. 

Order your prayer shaw here.